Today in the city Anchorage 14.12.2017
Fire Chief Rescues Crash Victim, Then Suffers Heart Attack

Sometime between calling an ambulance for chest pain and being airlifted to Anchorage for heart surgery, Nenana Fire Chief Joe Forness found the time to help take a car crash victim to the hospital.

Net neutrality protestors hit Verizon stores — including these two dudes in snowy Fairbanks, Alaska

Defenders of a free and open internet rallied in front of Verizon stores across the U.S. Thursday. The fight to save net neutrality even made it to the only Verizon store in Fairbanks, Alaska. SEE ALS...

Alaska Officials Say Moose Calves Died From Poisonous Plant

Alaska officials say two moose calves found dead in Anchorage last week likely died from eating poisonous plants.

The darkest day of the year is almost here — here are science-backed ways to fight winter blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a serious depression that affects a small minority of the population. But changing seasons and darker days affect most people's behavior, including our cell phone activi...

Anchorage Boy Celebrates Birthday by Helping Homeless

An Anchorage boy says he didn't want presents for birthday last week but wanted money to help homeless people.

Anchorage Teachers Reject School District's New Contract

After tentatively agreeing to a new contract, the Anchorage teachers' union has instead voted to reject the school district's proposed contract.

The government must regulate lawn equipment. Seriously.

It's late fall, and that means one thing: It's leaf blower season. To the lasting irritation of many (especially The Atlantic's James Fallows), for the next several weeks communities across the countr...

Why planes don't fly during a volcanic eruption

The main airport on the Indonesia island of Bali will remain closed until Tuesday. It a precautionary precaution after the eruption of Mount Agung sent ash plumes 20,000 feet into the air. Ash clouds...

The best sandwich in every state

Sandwiches are enjoyed differently all over the US. From meatball subs to southern-style barbecue, there are a variety of regional delicacies.  Keep reading for the best sandwich in every st...

Siberian Cold Air to Hit Yukon Territory on Monday November 20, 2017

Siberian Cold Air is on its way for Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska on Monday November 20, 2017 and it will be Extremely Cold Siberian Air Much Worse than Arctic Cold and temperatures will be...

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